Pamela Anderson : Most Searched on Lycos for Past 10 Years

Lycos continues the celebration of its 10 year anniversary and announced the top 50 search terms from Sept. 1995 till date. Lycos says that Pamela Anderson reigns supreme as the most searched person, place or thing for the past 10 years.

Snippet froms a lycos post titled “The Pam Anderson Decade: The New Lycos 50” says –

“Pam Anderson (#1) reigns supreme as the most- searched person, place or thing for the past 10 years. We call Pamela Anderson “the patron saint” of the Lycos 50. She’s stayed in the top 20 nearly every week despite the fact that she’s stopped making movies, she doesn’t really appear in Playboy anymore and her TV show “Stacked” has had mediocre ratings. What gives Pam the staying power to land in our top 10 nearly each week, making her the ultimate web icon? Is it her breakthrough role on Home Improvement, her film Barb Wire or her series on Babe watch, ahem, Baywatch? Nope. The piece if video of Pam Anderson that changed the web forever and secured her position as the most popular search query for the past decade was the Tommy Lee and Pam s*x video.”

Lycos 50 maintains a regular weekly list of most popular search terms on lycos and shows rising and falling popularity of search terms (much like a search billboard) and number of weeks on the top 50 on lycos.

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