Technorati Blog Finder Finds Blogs with Topics of Interest

How do you find blogs that frequently write about the subjects you care about?

Technorati recently introduced the Technorati Blog Finder by auto-classifying about 500,000 blogs based on the tags they use in posts most often. The Blog Finder is Technorati’s directory of blogs, organized by subject. Type in a category name (or select one) to find blogs on that topic. By default, the blogs are presented in order of authority, which means highly-linked blogs appear first.

If you’re already a Technorati member with a claimed blog, all you have to do is visit your Configure Blog page to choose which tags you want to use. You can add up to 20 tags per blog.

How to add your blog to the Blog finder? See the help section for detailed tips. Since I had previously claimed my blog and was already indexed by Technorati, my blog turned up in different tag searches.

The tag which I first searched for was Adsense, a topic I frequently write about with tips to make more money. And to my surprise, Quick Online Tips turns up in technorati blog finder as the second top site. Wow!

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