Blogexplosion Rent My Blog : Advertising Swap Program

If you read my review of Blogexplosion, you will see that it is an essential web traffic generator tool to increase site traffic surely.

Blogexplosion has recently launched the Rent My Blog Advertising Swap Program to further increase online traffic. It lets you rent space on other member blogs for increased visibility and how to earn website traffic by renting space on your blog in a fun and easy market-based format.

Currently all Rent My Blog campaigns run for one week and thumbnails of your blog are displayed when renting another blog. BlogExplosion gets 10% Renting Fee each time a member rent their blog. Currently members may rent blog space to other members anywhere from 10-500 credits per week. Members can rent only one space on their blog at once. 1 rent ad per blog per account. Currently members can rent ad space for BlogExplosion credits only.

Dont miss this oppurtunity to get more website traffic.

2 comments on “Blogexplosion Rent My Blog : Advertising Swap Program

  1. J Anderson says:

    I’m offering ads :d Thanks

  2. N.Raghava Shankar says:

    Hi. I have a blog i am offering space for placing ads in my blog anybody interested..

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