CommonCensus Map Project : Redraw the US Map Culturally

The CommonCensus Map Project is redrawing the map of the United States based on your voting, to show how the country is organized culturally, as opposed to traditional political boundaries. It shows how the country is divided into ‘spheres of influence’ between different cities at the national, regional, and local levels.

Based on the first 8,000 votes, you can see the second version of the national US map. The next map design will come soon after 16,000 votes. However, they claim that additional votes will allow increased resolution and accuracy. It takes just 12 clicks, and you can get a vote in.

The CommonCensus Sports Map Project is an offshoot project that tracks sports fans across the US. It uses a similar method to the main project, but only asks people to state the teams they support in the NFL, in MLB, in the NBA, in the NHL, and in NCAAF I-A.

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