Google Jagger Update: Check your Page Rank

The latest Google PageRank update Google Jagger is on its way and web publishers are reporting changes in their Google rankings and google search results for optimised keywords.

Revealing more about the Google Jagger Update, The Search Engine Journal says

“In case you haven’t noticed, there is a fairly significant update happening at Google right now. As with all other major updates, Brett Tabke from WebmasterWorld has given it a name, Jagger.

Jagger is keeping true to previous Google updates and is wreaking havoc on the nerves of many webmasters, SEOs and small businesses who’s placements seem to have vanished overnight. Starting sometime over the weekend, Google started showing results that looked somewhat different from the results shown earlier.

The changes actually started with a string of back-link updates that began in early September and continued into the first week of October.”

The PageRank system is used by the popular search engine Google to help determine a page’s relevance or importance. Ask a search engine optimization or SEO expert and he will tell you its value.

The Future PageRank Tool will query Google’s various data-centers to check for any changes in PageRank values for a given URL and can give you an idea of future pageranks. I am getting an idea that my blog is moving towards a pagerank of 6, from the previous pagerank 5, though several of my popular posts are already pagerank 6 for quite some time. Did you know some sites have a page rank of 10 too. Wow…Does that mean more site traffic for me!

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