Greasemonkey Enlarges Blogger Post and Template Editors

If you a regular Blogger webmaster and find the space in the Post editor and template editor screen a little cramped for your extra long posts and everchanging complex blogger templates… there is a solution.

Greasemonkey is a popular firefox extension which helps to modify websites to improve functionality or appearance.

BrowserVulsel has some excellent tips and tools like the Blogger large post editor user script for Greasemonkey that makes the title field wider and sets the editor’s width to 100% and makes it higher so that it works for both plain and rich editing. Now you can type in those long titles easily without shuffling to see either end. Also make post typing much easier without scrolling.

They also have a Blogger large template editor user script for Greasemonkey that hides the navbar setting and doubles the editor’s height. Very easy to scroll and edit large, complex and long blogger templates by providing more screen editing area.

Bloggers, you must definitely give these 2 userscripts a try.

One comment on “Greasemonkey Enlarges Blogger Post and Template Editors

  1. Kapil says:

    Greasemonkey rocks. I use scripts for flickr which give me access to all sizes without much clicking. Another good tool is the technorati tag script for blogger which let’s users put tags to their post very simply.

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