Wikipedia Today’s Featured Article

If you are a regular Wikipedia visitor, you might have noticed the “Today’s Featured Article“… and getting an article posted there has a story of its own.

Wikipedia is an free-content encyclopedia, written collaboratively by people from all around the world. The site is a wiki and anyone can edit articles to improve them. Today’s featured article is a section on the Main Page where an adapted lead section from one of Wikipedia’s featured articles is displayed. A featured article should exemplify Wikipedia’s very best work. See what is a featured article for criteria. To nominate an article to be put on this page, add it to the list at Featured article candidates, where it will be reviewed for style, prose, completeness, accuracy and neutrality.

Former Featured Articles page lists articles that used to be Featured Articles, but were demoted because they no longer met the Featured Article standard and were demoted through a consensus derived from a vote at the Featured article removal candidates page.

You can receive an extract of this article daily, as well as today’s “selected anniversaries” and the quote of the day, in your inbox, via email. You can also see the best featured articles in the archives. See Tomorrow’s featured article for a last chance to comment on what featured article will be displayed tomorrow, and in the future. This is the last chance to tweak a forthcoming article before it goes live on the Main page, and help put the finishing touches on it. Still wondering How to write a great article?

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