Amazon Mechanical Turk : Earn with Human Intelligence Tasks

Earn more money quickly with Amazon Mechanical Turk – “Complete simple tasks that people do better than computers. And, get paid for it. Choose from thousands of tasks, control when you work, and decide how much you earn.”

Human Intelligence Task or HIT’s are tasks that people are willing to pay you to complete. These questions are difficult for computers, but simple for humans to answer. You are paid when your answer is approved by the person that listed the HIT and the extra money you earn is deposited into your account. collects a fee of 10 percent on top of what Requesters pay to have tasks completed.

Requesters use Qualifications to make sure their HITs are completed by users that have demonstrated their ability to give high quality answers. HITs that require Qualifications may have greater rewards than those that do not.

To put it more technically, “Amazon Mechanical Turk provides a web services API for computers to integrate “artificial, artificial intelligence” directly into their processing by making requests of humans.” This is a good way to make extra money on web and get rich.

4 comments on “Amazon Mechanical Turk : Earn with Human Intelligence Tasks

  1. Tim Haughton says:

    the links to ‘what is mechanical turk’ and ‘getting qualified’ don’t work – so it’s hard to comment

  2. Nico says:

    Interesting article. HITs are good until a certain limit, such as using humans to spam by completing captchas

  3. Hendry says:

    Very usefull article. I m new to mturk for 2 days I got $3.23. Its made me fun and gave some extra money while i m free in the net.

  4. KANNAN says:

    Nice discussion about HITs task. I have a doubt… Is there any initial registration fee to join. If anybody knows tell me…

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