FeedBurner Ad Network : Monetize Your Feed

After all the buzz about making extra money fast using Chitika eminimalls, the new Feedburner Ad Network now provides you another means of making money quickly by monetizing your feed.

A press release announced the launch FeedBurner Ad Network, some excerpts below –

“FeedBurner launched its RSS advertising network today as it continues to expand its suite of subscription services for publishers. With its technical expertise and broad subscriber reach, FeedBurner offers publishers and their advertisers with feed-based advertising options tailored for subscription delivery and supported by superior measurement capabilities.”

“FeedBurners RSS advertising network is organized into channels to allow marketers to reach consumers who have opted to receive specific categories of content from publishers via regularly updated online subscriptions. The advertising channels range from traditional categories like business, technology, current affairs and consumer electronics to entertainment and an Internet-centric category called digital culture.”

“FeedBurners advertising channels will continue to evolve as the diversity of feeds and number of subscribers expand. Publishers can choose from a variety of ad units and determine the frequency with which the ads appear in their subscription feeds. FeedBurners ad network is open to publishers with a consistent base of more than 500 subscribers.”

Although I had applied for this new feed monetizing option a few months back, no reply was recieved. So it seems they openning it to selected bloggers intially to try it out. Now this marks a release to a more wider range of publishers.

I have been using the feedburner feed as my default feed (besides atom feed by Blogger) for quite some time and it provides an excellent tool to keep track of your readers, rss aggregators being used, smart feeds, feed circulation, feed publicity and integration with feedblitz.

One comment on “FeedBurner Ad Network : Monetize Your Feed

  1. Amarjit says:

    Interesting ! This should be a good way by which we can keep a track of our readers

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