Google Adsense Referral Program Launched

Google Adsense launched a referral program to let you make extra money on web by referring new sign ups to Adsense or directing them to download Firefox with Google Toolbar.

Referrals offer you a new revenue opportunity and enable you to make money fast. Now you can connect your site readers with AdSense, and generate more earnings in the process.

The Inside Adsense blog says

“Users who sign up for AdSense through your referral button will learn about a great product, and you’ll have a new way to generate revenue – $100 when each user you refer first earns $100.

In addition, if you are a U.S. publisher, for Firefox with Google Toolbar referrals we will pay up to $1 per referral the first time a user installs Firefox. (We hope to make this available soon to international publishers.)”

Simply put, When a publisher that signed up for AdSense through your referral earns their initial $100 and is eligible for payout, you earn $100 (Not to mention the $1 bonus for Firefox with Google Toolbar too). You can also track clicks, sign-ups, conversions and earnings separately for each referral product or service. Read the FAQ for more information. You can place one referral button per product on a given web page. Remember that your earnings for referrals are not based on clicks, but on conversions. So add a referral button today and make extra money!

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