Googlers at Breakfast: Google Chef Talks

Breakfast at Google is big business. Googlers like to eat and free meals are a big perk for Googlers and often highlighted in job benefits to lure potential Google employees. People look forward to working early so they can enjoy the sumptuous Google meals.

Josef Desimone, Executive Chef at Google in Mountain View gives an insight into what Googlers have for breakfast at the Mountain View office.

google breakfast

Excerpts from the official Google blog says

“At a technology company you might think no one’s around for a morning meal, but that’s not so here in Mountain View. The cafe I run on campus is open for breakfast from 8-9:30 a.m. five days a week. My team of 12 feeds a steady crowd of about 750 every morning — and these folks are big on breakfast. Our record so far is making 201 (custom) omelets in 90 minutes. We blend 300 12 oz. fruit smoothies that typically disappear in an hour.”

And they like gallons of kombucha tea too. (a fermentation of sweetened tea using lactobacilli and yeast cultures).


Update: I checked out the Google Food photo blog where Google employees post photos of what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Googleplex. Image credits to Brett L. under CC.

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