New Intermission Ads By Adbrite

After recent introduction of keyword tags, Now Adbrite has introduced another new ad format – the Intermission ad, besides it text and image advertising units. This will help web publishers to make extra money quickly on web, provided they are willing for full page ads…

So what is the Intermission ad?

“The Publisher will send visitors to a URL of your choice. Pay only when someone visits your site. Tell us what your max bid per visitor is, and we’ll charge you only the min that is necessary. You will not write or upload an ad. Instead, visitors will automatically be taken to your site. Reach only engaged users deep in the website’s experience. Ads are frequency capped at once per user per day. Starting Bid: 1-cent per visitor.”

Remember that the Adbrite Intermission Ads are a full-page ad. Though a prominent link at the top allows your visitors to easily skip the ad, some users might find it too obtrusive. However to prevent offending site visitors, Intermissions ads are never shown to a user on their first visit to your site, and are never shown to the same user more than once per 24-hours.

If you wish to see and example of this ad unit at work, see the flash demo on that link where a cafepress ad is featured on the Technorati website. I have been using Adbrite for some time and helps to monetize your website by making extra money fast.

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