Your 15 Minutes of Fame

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The website has a simple principle : take-over their front page for at least 15 minutes!

You need to register on the website, upload your image and fill up website details, and they feature your image and site details on the front page for 15 minutes. The last person to register will stay on the front page until someone else does. And you might get into the hall of fame too.

So till their site traffic increases, there is a good chance that if you are featured on the front page, you stay there for longer than 15 minutes, get clicks and increase site traffic. But without traffic on their site, there is not much benefit of being featured.

But with this unique concept surely visitors will increase. And when online traffic boosts, not only will you be in queue to get featured, but also get lot of website traffic. So register now to reserve your 15 minutes of fame!

Update: It seems the site did not get as popular as expected and without traffic and shut down – not many people wanted their 15 minutes of fame on the website.

You might now try to get your site fame by being featured on home page of Google. Yahoo or New York Times.

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