BlogExplosion Paid Advertising to Drive Site Traffic

Blogexplosion is like a web traffic generator and gets confirmed traffic to your blog. But what if you feel surfing for credits to increase site traffic is too cumbersone and that you can pay money for confirmed traffic…

If you want to promote your advertising specifically to a blogging audience, they offer paid advertising. At their present rate the lowest CPM (cost per thousand) is $6 that is you get confirmed 30 second 25000 visitors for $150. If you want to give it a try, get 500 confirmed visitors for $5.50!

If you opt for banners, site traffic depends on how focused and great your banner is and what click through rate it gets. The cheapest starting rate is 17,500 banner impressions for $5.50. Normally 1 BE credit currently converts to 35 banner impressions, which would mean 500 credits for 17500 impressions.

I have been very impressed by the Blogexplosion Rent a Blog campaign as it gets me a few hundred confirmed visitors in exchange for a blog thumbnail hosted on my blog sidebar. If you like helping out at forums, Blogexplosion Knowledge may get you more credits too. My secondary referral network draws additional traffic, such that I do not need to browse blogs anymore for credits and yet get confirmed free site traffic!

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