Firefox Flicks Video Testimonials and Ads Contest

Launch of Firefox 1.5 is a success and Firefox Flicks is your opportunity to speak out for Firefox and express yourself.

Firefox Flicks!

Add a Firefox Flicks button to your site & earn affiliate points. Read more about the Spread Firefox affiliate program, its not about money, but about credits & points and spreading firefox.

Use the Testimonial tool using a Web cam or video camera to record and submit your own short testimonial telling the world what you love about Firefox. The Testimonial campaign will begin on November 29, 2005 and be open until February 21st 2006 and there is a chance to win prizes too.

If you can conceptualize and produce a quality 30-second ad to create great ads to help spread the news about Firefox, participate in the Firefox Flicks Ad Contest.

Also participate in the Extend Firefox Contest organized by the Mozilla Corporation to encourage development of Extensions for the Firefox Web browser.

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