Firemonger Project CD: Firefox Themes, Extensions, Plugins

The Firemonger project is dedicated to providing an easy to use CD which contains the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird combined with an excellent selection of plugins, extensions and themes and a comprehensive beginner’s guide.

And now Firemonger 1.5 is released with some of the new features

* Test Drive Firefox – Launch Firefox from Firemonger, without the need for an installation.
* Integrated Installations – Launch installations directly from within Firemonger, including Themes and Extensions (Firefox).
* Multiple Theme & Extensions install
* All content has been revised
* Firemonger can check for updates

Firemonger CD comes packed with Firefox, Thunderbird, selected themes, extensions, plugins and utilities. Refer to the full list for more details, you might find some more cool extensions too. A fully functional lite version is expected soon which will install files will be linked to the web instead of taken from the CD. You can download the full content as a zip file or ISO burnable CD image. Spread Firefox!

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