ForuMatrix : Post in Forums and Earn Money

Today I was directed to a forum where they actually pay you money to post in their forums. This is another idea to make extra money.

ForuMatrix has message boards / forums in News, General, Politics, Health, Religion and Programming. Forum Matrix is paying 2.5 cents for every post you make on discussion forums, regardless of the category, a new thread or reply to existing threads. So earn while you post. Registration is free and required to start posting. Your posts must contain at least 255 characters (3 lines) and should be in compliance with Posting Guidelines and Terms of Service.

If you are a Webmaster with Google Adsense Account, you can display your ads on Forum Matrix. Every message you will post on the discussion forums as a registered member will display your Google Adsense Units, and when readers click your ads, you make extra money quickly. However, before you put your ads on your posts, verify that is in accordance with Google AdSense Program Policies, and Terms and Conditions. Or contact Adsense support to verify if it is allowed.

Although it offers a unique way to increase site traffic by offering commissions to post, they will have to ensure strict quality control over content posted to assure quality discussion which will attract more interested readers and help the forum to grow.

11 comments on “ForuMatrix : Post in Forums and Earn Money

  1. jack says:

    for Adsense publishers, Google has no problem with can join the forum and post and have your ads displayed there..!!

  2. Kobayashi says:

    very interesting,i should try.

  3. Jagan says:

    I have tried and its working fine… but it still the traffic has to be increased

  4. aditya says:

    It’s a very good idea for discussion forum marketing. I think people must try it to check the truth.

  5. HSCharles says:

    I have a flash website
    i’m looking for the script who makes google adsense on flash.
    can you give me the link?

  6. Chetan says:

    Hey i just installed this script which converts youtube videos to 3GP, MP4 and FLV format, but am facing a problem.
    This script is not showing all the results.

    Anybody here who can help me in removing this bug.

  7. Adsense for extrem beginners says:

    i think that posting our adsense ads with our post allowed. No no problem by doning so…i’ll join now. thanks for sharing..

  8. clem john says:

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  9. clem john says:

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  10. ScoommaSmeari says:

    How many Twitter followers is needed to get lots of traffic and business to your site?

  11. laki says:

    Please advice how to post photos movies and tutorials in forums or sites from which earnings will be done

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