Mozilla International Store Beta : Buy Firefox Products

Are you based outside the Americas and wish to buy a Firefox Tshirt or Firefox Sticker, but were unable to do so because the products could be shipped to limited US centric areas. The International Mozilla Store is now live…

International Mozilla Store is owned and operated by the Mozilla Foundation. Earlier you might remember the Mozilla Store 2.0 was relaunched a few months back and provided Firefox, Thundrbird and related Mozilla merchandise.

Why is it in Beta? A post at Spread Firefox explains

“(1) The store at this time will not have feature parity with the domestic store. There are a few items that you will not see that will rollout at a later date. These include the Firefox fleece and the Firefox flashlight.

(2) Some items look a little different than those in the domestic store because we have to source from different places. A good example of this is the Firefox backback.

(3) We are working on the Firefox 1.5 CDs for the international store. These are more complex to produce since we are including localizations on the CD as well as the en-US version.

(4) Countries in th EU should see the VAT included in the price of the item.”

There are several cool products like stickers, T shirts, polo shirts, caps, books and bags. So now buy that Firefox Tshirt you always wanted. If you are Blogger fan, then there are some cool Blogger products to shop at the Google Store.

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