Yahoo Search Open Shortcuts: Quick Navigation, Search, App Start

What is Yahoo Open Shortcuts – type !my in Yahoo Search and reach your personalized yahoo page at or type !wiki to get redirected to Wikipedia search at

Basically, it lets you use any custom keywords from the convenience of any Yahoo! Search box to instantly navigate to any URL on the internet, easily recall common searches on Yahoo, quickly search favorite sites and jump start frequently used Internet applications.

To create your own personal navigational shortcut, use the keyword: !set with your shortcut name and destination URL like this !set shortcut_name URL

So to set up a quick visit to Quick Online Tips, type in any Yahoo search box (I usually use the firefox top right search bar)
!set qot
After you ok the confirmation, whenever you type !qot – you are taken to this blog.

Type !list to see all your personal shortcuts and defaults. Use !unset shortcut_name to remove any of the default shortcuts from your list of shortcuts. Other good ones are !mail to compose yahoo mail and !news for Yahoo news.

Using these Yahoo Open Shortcuts, I am reminded of YubNub – a command-line for the web, which works on a programming system called Ruby on Rails.

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