Daily Photos To Go : Rotate Free Quality Images on Blogs

It would be a nice idea to daily rotate a fresh high quality image in your blog posts to attract readers. Daily Photos To Go is just such a service.

SmileyCat points to this wonderful service called Daily Photos To Go. This free, easy-to-use photo web service is available to all registered users of Photos To Go. Photos To Go is the leading provider of royalty free and rights-managed stock photography.

Copy the simple code into your Web site or blog. Read the FAQ to know how to insert the code.
It automatically refreshes your Web site or blog with a new photo, either daily or weekly. You can select from several Photo Themes and customize the color, size, and frequency of the photo to suit your tastes.

A portrait-oriented image will be approximately 150 x 195 pixels large. A landscape-oriented image will be approximately 175 x 150 pixels large. Roughly 4-6 kb at 72 dpi and are in .jpg format. After a year, you are required to re-register your use of the service!

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