Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

You can share your Google Adsense ID on several other websites and earn money besides clicks on your own websites.

Admoolah has compiled such a list of Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites which allow you to share your Adsense ID and make extra money from clicks and traffic of these sites.

I was only aware of DigitalPoint Forums offering “If a user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on threads they start or participate in.” and Simpy which offers “All earnings from such ads go to members, as their Ids are used to display ads. The same may soon start happening on the search results page, and on the user profile page, once that is ready. Your page, your data, your ads, your money.” But the Admoolah list is long enough to check out.

Before you get greedy for money, the bottomline is as they say to “thoroughly investigate the legitimacy of each site before handing over your AdSense ID to them.” Google Adsense is a wonderful source of income and you do need to take care thatwhere your ID is not misused. Always check with the Google Adsense Terms & Conditions, Program Policies and FAQ before proceeding.

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