Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

You can share your Google Adsense ID on several other websites and earn money besides clicks on your own websites.

Admoolah has compiled such a list of Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites which allow you to share your Adsense ID and make extra money from clicks and traffic of these sites.

I was only aware of DigitalPoint Forums offering “If a user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on threads they start or participate in.” and Simpy which offers “All earnings from such ads go to members, as their Ids are used to display ads. The same may soon start happening on the search results page, and on the user profile page, once that is ready. Your page, your data, your ads, your money.” But the Admoolah list is long enough to check out.

Before you get greedy for money, the bottomline is as they say to “thoroughly investigate the legitimacy of each site before handing over your AdSense ID to them.” Google Adsense is a wonderful source of income and you do need to take care thatwhere your ID is not misused. Always check with the Google Adsense Terms & Conditions, Program Policies and FAQ before proceeding.

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51 comments on “Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

  1. Chris says:

    Globe Articles offers authors to publish your articles with your adsense codes. Article posts will include 2 Adsense Ad units, 1 Link Unit and 4 Referral Banners positioned to get the maximum returns for article authors.

  2. MikaK says:

    SoundChilds offers an Adsense Revenue Sharing Program for content providing members at forum discussions opening posts (100% of post generated revenues to the writer)
    and last answering posts (100% of post generated revenues to the writer).

    Members can also optionally show Adsense ad blocks at their profile pages (80% of page generated revenues to the member). These ad blocks can also be custom coloured to fit the custom css of the members preferred profile page layout.

  3. Nameslot says: is an ads revenue sharing forum.

    With revenue sharing not only we but our users that is you can benifit from the ads that are displayed on our forums.

  4. Asapcorp says: is an adsense revenue sharing site.

  5. Luke says:

    We offer adsense revenue sharing as well. We run a wiki under the mediawiki software company. We allow authors to post their adsense code directly in their article. We will soon launch a forum with adsense revenue sharing also.

  6. KingPin says: ( KPs Network Forum ) a small community for just hanging out and playing games or helpin with tech problems etc. All users can post their adsense pub-xxxx code in their profile and any post they make will have a 35% chance of having their ID and 15% chance of having the last posters ID, rest goes to site.

  7. Matt says:

    I have found a few other article sites that share Adsense revenue. These include and

  8. Vasu says: is another site where u can get some money posting articles….revenue sharing goes 50:50

  9. ItemXP says:

    With revenue sharing not only we but our users that is you can benifit from the ads that are displayed on our forums.

  10. adisak says: is also adsense revenue sharing.
    Member can submit article and get money from google

  11. sharerevmedia says:

    You can host your video or share video from 3rd party server like youtube, google, dailymotion and other 26, share your images, write blogs , we will give minimum 50 and upto 100 percent revenue share from your all pages.

  12. mk12440 says: is a social video website with a revenue sharing program that pays its users through Google Adsense. How does this work? After signing up for a free account, insert your Google Adsense publisher ID, which will allow ads to be run 50% of the time when your videos are viewed. Start uploading videos from websites such as Youtube, Google and Yahoo video.

  13. bigbrother says:

    You forgot, they give 100% of the ads credit

  14. John says:, they give upto 100% of the adsense revenue. Also they have Referral Program.. If you invite your friend also pay for it.

  15. Nagalakshmi says:

    Here you can earn some adsense bucks to your Google Adsense Account. is latest Adsesne Revenue Sharing Blogging Community Portal.

    Just post articles, news, information and pictures and start earining money. You just post content and can drive traffic to your Blog.

  16. anl says:

    can same google adsense id may use on more than one site

  17. Nagalakshmi says:

    Yes ANL,

    You can use your same Adsense ID on more than one site.

  18. Silent says:

    Get Paid By your google adsense and also get paid for every impression you get on your blog, picture, video, profile and also make friend to get more money…What could be better than that. Visit

  19. SW says:

    Here’s an even larger, more up to date list:

    It’s easily the largest and most current list of Revenue Sharing sites out there.

  20. Micky says: gives free blogging and 80% of the Adsense revenue.

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