Treasuremytext : Store SMS Messages Online

You recieve hundreds of cool SMS messages on your mobile phones. How can you back up your SMS messages from your mobile phone. Online and free?

Treasuremytext lets you store SMS Messages (text messages) from your mobile phone online. You forward a message to a number +447781486064 just like sending a normal SMS. and it is stored in your account.

The service is free and standard SMS rates apply depending on your mobile service provider. International customers outside the UK should check with their operator for details of charges for sending SMS to this UK mobile number. See supported networks worldwide.

They generate a realtime RSS stream of saved messages for viewing by others. And they claim it does not include information about the original sender or recipient of the message. You can disable this feature in settings for further privacy and security. View FAQ.

So store your SMS messages online and no need to delete messages to keep space on your SIM card and phone memory anymore.


  1. fakir005 says:

    It is a wrong idea to use your handset to send or receive text messages because of the virus threats. The hackers have one more means to exploit your devices. It is very important that the method of accessing these devices be structurally chaged so that the owners of these devices are not able to use these devices to send messages to the devices owned by others directly but only through a server.

  2. bobj says:

    Fakir – what are you talking about? Text messages are sent through a text message center – which is a server running at the mobile network – so if they wanted to check for any problems such as spam they can do that.

    But a virus .. by text message? You’ve been watching too much scifi.

  3. Katie says:

    Just to let you know Treasuremytext is about to launch a new version of the service with more localised phone numbers and an application for iPhone so you can save and archive SMS over a data connection. Lots more new features in the new Treasuremytext 2. (Coming soon in March 08).

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