Firefox Extensions Development Tutorials : Create Your Own

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Always wanted to create your own firefox extension? Firefox Extension Development Tutorial has been created for individuals wanting to develop full-featured extensions for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The tutorial provides an excellent step-by-step guide providing many examples, explanations, and external references to help the reader have a full understanding of extension development. Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox.

A Firefox Extension is a collection of files and folders that have been zipped and compressed into a zip file which is then renamed to a .xpi extension. It broadly covers packaging and distributing extensions, creating and modifying User Interfaces, Firefox Integration (API basics), Creating user preferences to store information and creating user preferences pane (for the Options window). So go ahead and create your first firefox extension.

Extensions allow programmers to add new features to Mozilla applications or allow existing features to be modified; typically by modifying the “chrome” of their target application—the user interface and the scripts that add functionalty to that interface. Mozillazine has an extensive collection of resources and a variety of tutorials available which will help with general extension development or with learning specific technologies.

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