Free Server Uptime Monitoring System

How do you monitor how many times and for what duration a server is having downtime. After all you cannot keep checking the server uptime yourself every minute accurately.

Uptime is a free server uptime monitoring system, provided by OpenACS. OpenACS (Open Architecture Community System) is a toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications. It helps you find if your cheap domain name hosted on that cheap web hosting service is having good uptime. Many good web hosts promise a 99% uptime or better.

See how Uptime works? It periodically requests a page from your server and sends an email of the  site is unreachable. When the site is reachable again, it again sends an email. If you subscribe to a beeper service, you can get a custom subject line or message body too!

The average user’s server gets queried every 15 minutes, but you can upgrade to shorter time intervals. Add a Url to Monitor and get emails when your server goes down and when it comes back up. See a list of URLs monitored by Uptime. So monitor server uptimes and see if your web hosting service is good enough.

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    another service you might deem worthy of consideration can be found at:


    similar capabilities, also free

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