Kama Sutra / Blackmal / Mywife / Nyxem Worm on February 3

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A new worm / virus is set to strike computers and networks worldwide on February 3. It is named the KamaSutra Virus or Blackworm / Mywife / Nyxem-E etc.

CNET News had warned of this on a 26 January post that the virus, dubbed Nyxem.E among other names, was first reported on Jan. 16. It is thought to have infected more than half a million PCs. Security vendor IronPort warned Thursday that these machines are now hard-coded to propagate the virus on Feb. 3, as the virus tries to propagate itself by harvesting e-mail addresses on an infected machine.”

CNN warns about this virus effects today and Experts say Windows Office documents, Word documents, Excel spread sheets, and PDFs (portable document format) are among the files that will be “overwritten.” and data lost forever.

The F-Secure site says in a post Nyxem email worm offers trouble in store, that in late January, an email worm called Nyxem.E started spreading in computers around the globe, and is also known as Blackworm, Kama Sutra or Mywife. For those computers infected by Nyxem.E, next Friday and every third day of the month will see the worm replacing the content of a broad range of user’s files with a text string “DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5].

Symantec which makes the Norton Antivirus calls it W32.Blackmal.E@mm, a mass-mailing worm that attempts to spread through network shares and lower security settings. On the third day of every month it attempts to rewrite files with certain extensions with custom text.

So there is a no shortage of names for this computer virus / worm. However, it is time to back up your important documents. Update your antivirus subscriptions and keep your antivirus software scanner on and active. Do not click on emails luring you to click on untrusted attachments and protect yourself from this worm!

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