Optimize Google Adsense For Blogs

How many times have you tried altering the placement of your Google Adsense ads to get a better click through rate and make extra money.

Google Adsense blog’s article Blogtimize presents some tips that will help you place the ads on your blogs better and get a higher CTR and earn more money.

Using these images they demonstrate the best position for your ad units. And other notable tips are Choose the right ad formats, Place ads where your readers will notice, Improve targeting and Customize your ad colors.

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4 comments on “Optimize Google Adsense For Blogs

  1. touche says:

    google says blogtimize in the adsense publishers reports page, exactly the same as above post, i really want to know how to place an ad unit after each post, esp. after the first and second post

    so i googled as there is no instruction on how to in blogger beta, no luck after 2 hours of research and 10 sites or so, only to end up here, with the same info as i have seen in google…

    tell me i’m not frustrated..

    when will google explicitly teach us like in the how to place in sidebar, which it has an specific instrucions, on the how to put/place ad unit right after each post..(3 max)… jesus, this is so damn frustrating!

  2. Jay @ Earn Online Money Blog says:

    To make really good money with Adsense you need a ton of traffic. The more traffic you have the more click thru’s you are gonna have on your Adsense ads. Its as simple as that. The hard part is getting all that traffic! Good article thanks for optimization tips.

  3. adsense says:

    Very Nice! tips are powerful if one use it properly

  4. adsense says:

    Wow! done a great job giving more info Adsense

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