Add Feedburner FeedFlare to Feeds

If you have a feedburner feed, it is a good idea to activate Feedflare from the settings as it helps to add more interactivity to the content of your feed.

Bloggers, podcasters, videocasters/videobloggers and commercial publishers make it easy for subscribers to interact on each post with addition of links like “add to” or “Email This” and so on beneath the posts in feeds (see my feed). FeedFlare changes the dynamic of how users interact with an RSS feed. Rather than just read content from a feed, subscribers can now take direct actions. Publishers can choose to include FeedFlare within the feed itself as well as on their blog or site.

The FeedFlare API (FlareAPI) allows developers to provide new actions and incorporate outside services to make your content more interesting and engaging  both in your FeedBurner feed and on your website. They have compiled a wish list of 101 Flares for a Better Tomorrow that developers or companies could build. Click a Flare ideas title to view its suggested details and behavior. I have added more flares like “Digg This” to my feed. Try it.

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