Alternate Ads in Javascript Disabled Browsers using Noscript

You know that the Google Adsense code (and also of several other affiliate programs) is a javascript code. So if the visitor has an old outdated browser version, or has manually turned off javascript in the browser settings – you do not see the ad. You can utilize this space to show an alternate ad.

The idea was suggested by Thilak and is also drawn from this way to show SFX banners instead of Google ads when JavaScript is turned off. The tag noscript is used to specify the content which should be shown when the javascript code is not supported. So insert any content between the noscript tags <_noscript>your code<_/noscript> (remove the _) to show the alternate url. Although you are not altering the Google Adsense code in any way and it should not violate their terms, but it is always best to check with Adsense support before doing this.

Now you might ask, that the Google Adsense code / other javascript codes have a facility to specify an alternate ad to show incase a targetted ad is not available. This is different. In javascript disabled browsers, the whole code will not show, which includes your alternate ad specified between the javascript.

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