English Wikipedia Publishes Million Articles

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The Wikimedia Foundation press release announced today the creation of the 1,000,000th article in the English language edition of Wikipedia.

The article is about the Jordanhill railway station in Scotland, and it was started by Wikipedia contributor Ewan Macdonald. Wikipedia is a free, multilingual, online encyclopedia with 3.3 million articles under development in more than 125 languages. It is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation and runs using the open source MediaWiki software. Interestingly you can do a one click install of the MediWiki wiki on your webiste using Dreamhost Webhosting.

Wikipedia Million pool aims to guess when Wikipedia would hit 1,000,000 articles. The person who came closest to the correct date was the winner. Enteries for the Two million pool are closed, but you can guess for the Five million pool and Ten million pools.

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