Got a BlogBurst Invitation : Full Text Feeds Required

I am thankful to BlogBurst that they extended me an invitation to join their wonderful service. It is an honour that they considered Quick Online Tips fit their requirements.

I had blogged earlier about Blogburst, a new blogging service that lets their top-tier publishers display your blog content on their sites and you get new increased site traffic.

Some of their Blog requirements are
* Full text syndication feed in RSS or Atom; most common blogging systems will work fine
* At least weekly posting
* Family-friendly language and content
* Distinct, intelligent writing style

Though other points are not an issue, but I publish a short feed and they require a full feed. I had earlier published a full feed but the problem is that several spam blog or splogs started republishing my full feed as their posts own posts without any attribution to Quick Online Tips. It is so easy to republish and post your full feed automatically, that you wont believe it. With short feeds, a limited content is available and they go looking for other such full feeds. Using the recent Feedburner Uncommon uses, you can now find where your feed is being displayed besides rss news aggregators.

Of course it is understandable that BlogBurst publishers would require full feeds, so that can easily pick up the good content and republish it. I am still pondering if I should accept the invitation to join Blogburst.

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