My First WordPress Plugin : Related Entries 2.0

Getting started with WordPress, I found this cool way in WordPress to tell users about posts related to the current article. If you are a long time reader, you know I used to do this in Blogger manually at the end of posts after searching related posts. Now, this free WordPress plugin takes care of that blogging task automatically.

Related Entries Plugin is my first WordPress plugin which I installed. It is responsible for those “Related Posts” you see at the bottom of this post and seems to increase pageviews. And they are keyword related to quite a degree.

This was initially created by WASABI, (with the unique URL!). The latest version is released and also works with pages so it will list (quite possibly) related posts and pages. Check it out. Amazing!

Update: I have added this related entries plugin to feeds to increase pageviews. See more WordPress plugins I use now.


  1. BillyG says:

    Downloading now, thx.

  2. laughingmachine says:

    Waiting for a the frist payment to come just 15 days left…and then im gonna blog on wordpress too

    thx for the great help

    happy bloging

  3. Richie says:

    perfect plugin

  4. Fitti says:

    I’m traying to download the plugin but is down.

  5. blau says:

    the wasabi link is broken because he moved all his site here:
    The plugin page is

  6. Emexci says:

    nice plugin, really

  7. Matt Huggins says:

    Thanks to blau for the link update, I was having trouble locating this plugin even through Google!

  8. Anthony says:

    I tried another related posts plugin and it messed up my posts. I hope this one works as well as you say.

  9. Dave Carlson says:

    I was directed here via Penelope Trunk’s blog, and the plugin seems great, but for some reason, I keep getting a 404 error. Can anyone give me the correct, updated link? Thanks.

  10. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I have updated the link. Should work now. Thanks.

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