Mycroft : Create Firefox Search Plugins

On the top right hand corner of firefox search bar, if you click down, you can add more search engines. How about creating your own search plugins!

A search plugin allows you to access a search engine right from your browser. The Mycroft project provides a collection of search plugins (over 6000) for browsers using Apple’s Sherlock standard including Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Suite. A major difference between Mycroft search plugins and Sherlock search plugins, is that Sherlock plugins are distributed in a binary format and Mycroft plugins are not.

Learn to create your first search plugin. Advanced Mozilla-Search Plugin Documentation provides technical information on the full spectrum of the Mozilla-Search plugin capabilities. Then test your plugin against the quality guidelines. You might try the search plugin generator to help you through the process of creating a search plugin. SearchPluginHacks Firefox Extension allows easy uninstalling of search plugins – just right click on a search plugin and choose ‘Delete’. Then provide search plugins on your website.

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