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Performancing has launched Perfomancing Metrics – a professional Blog Statistics Service. Performancing Metrics is free of charge, is aimed at Professional Bloggers and caters to high traffic blogs, bloggers with multiple blogs and even Blog Networks. The Metrics handbook and Metrics forums can guide you getting started. Read more about the Metrics Review.

I have tracked this site using Sitemeter, Extreme Tracking and Statcounter earlier, though all of them are excellent trackers, yet all of them have their limitations. And upgraded traffic statistics tracking requires a upgrade for a fee. Tracking outgoing links is a new feature being adopted by many professional site traffic tracking scripts. I use MyBlogLog for tracking my outclicks though Sitemeter has recently introduced this feature too.

Some key features are

# Add multiple blogs – really, add as many as you want. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be able to show you the aggregate data for your entire network also.
# Subscribe to your metrics RSS – the little RSS buttons top right will give you a daily summary of your Metrics
# See Adsense data – Running Adsense? You’ll like this one then, and we plan to improve it, aswell as support other ad systems in the future.
# Search Engine Details – Find the Search Engines page, then click on the actual phrase to get drill down data on each search phrase

I particularly like these features. Now I can track multiple websites traffic with one single interface. The metric RSS allows a new way to track your statistics. And now monitoring Google Adsense clicks is a great idea too, which was possible by Adsense Gold Tracker earlier.

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