Report Broken Websites in Firefox

Firefox is my favourite browser and rapidly gaining popularity too and it would help to make websites more compatible with it.

Did you notice a small button in the firefox navigation toolbar that helps you Report Broken Websites in Firefox.
Firefox Bug

If you do not see it, you can right click on the toolbar, Select Customize and find that icon. Then you can drag and drop it into yor navigation toolbar. Known as Firefox Reporter, the tool is designed to make it easy for users to send details about sites that do not work well with Firefox. I suppose this is a Firefox 1.5 feature since I never saw it before.

You can also use the ‘Report Broken Web Site‘ in the Help menu to fill out a problem report with all the necessary details. Check out the Mozilla Reporter where these error reports are collected and fixed by professional developers. So help find and report bugs to Mozilla and make Firefox a better browser.


  1. Jose says:

    cannot open!!!

  2. Fawzi Masri says:


    i am recent user of firefox. i enjoy mostly the ability to create tabs, since i do a lot of searches under different topics. so it is conveinet for me to have all pages found grouped under one window.

    so using this feature, led me to ask for an enhancment from you guys… namely to have the ability to save all the tabs in a window, as links and as html files.

    this is important when:
    – i want to share my search with others.
    – i need to turn off my computer for whatever reason, but want to save my search
    – i need to store search results as html so i can revisit them at a later date…

    i hope my note was clear, please let me know if it was not. i am sure this will gain a lot of popularity.



  3. nishi says:

    display the page of

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