Save Private Bookmarks in is a popular social bookmarking service. They recently announced the beta release of a new private saving feature.

Go to your settings, on the right hand corner under the subheading Experimental, you will find Privacy option. Check the box “allow private saving of bookmarks?” and you are done. Now whenever you want to keep a bookmark private, juts select the “do not share” box beside the link.

The whole concept of social bookmarks was the ability to share, search and tag what other users are bookmarking. Adding Privacy feature will provide some useful and necessary to your links. See more tools.

8 comments on “Save Private Bookmarks in

  1. Vikram says:

    Yes its a good tool I also found similar tool i thnk its targeting indian community for bookmarking.. good and userfriendly site.

  2. Work Online says:

    Very nice feature. I wonder why del people havent included this feature in start

  3. del tags says:

    when you used the “bulk edit” option, to make all your bookmarks privat, then you lost all your tags forever, and the browser delicous tools dont work in this mode… this is exasperating …

  4. Miss48 says:

    Why did I so strongly insist on the quantum-mechanical periods the point of view, though I could not really make it clear in this little book and may well have bored many a reader? ,

  5. fatima.ahtesham says:

    I agree with Miss48 she is right why did so strongly insist on the quantum-mechanical

  6. Anu says:

    Sometimes u need private bookmarks. It is a useful feature.

  7. Jon Hab says:

    If you want to save private bookmarks on the web, it helps not to have to share your identity with the site. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all those sites share way too much information behind your back. Check out, it lets you manage bookmarks privately without having to give them a user name or email. The interface is pretty cool too, with labels to quickly find what you want

  8. Tim says:

    I like to use because they don’t even ask for any information about you at all to sign up, it’s also online, and it works instantly across devices.

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