Share Your Adsense Success Story

If you wish to make more money with Google Adsense, these officially released Adsense Case studies reflect how professional webmasters have optimally utilized Google adsense to make extra money.

Do you have a success story you would like to share with Adsense. Now they have a form where you can share your Adsense story.

Tell us about your AdSense experience. How did you learn about the product? Why was AdSense of interest to you? What features do you use? How satisfied are you with AdSense? How has the way you use AdSense changed over time?

[Found via Jensense]

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6 comments on “Share Your Adsense Success Story

  1. doushe says:

    I made 45$ this onth by clicking my own ads lol

  2. Adsense Primer says:

    Some Adsense publishers are earning gigantic amounts from their sites and blogs. It takes considerable amount of time before you start earning decent amounts. This applies to those new publishers that don’t have any website and start from scratch. I have four blogs and I am using Adsense for last three months and results are encouraging.

  3. Tony Starks says:

    It has taken a bit of time but each month my adsense revenue improves

  4. Courses says:

    I think it would be better to have a high number of websites all with good information and google ads. that way it is kind of like spread betting instead of just one site

  5. Adriatic Web Design Company says:

    Adsense has a lot of potential. The more traffic a site generates the more probability of users clicking on ads. The million dollar question is what to attract people thus producing continuous traffic and how to market.

  6. sitco says:

    you just have to be consistant

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