5 More Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

We all want to make money from our blogs and website. I am not talking about Google Adsense, Yahoo Ads, Chitika or Adbrite, here are 5 more afffiliate programs / ways to make extra money you may not know about…

  1. Blogonomics Blog Cruise 2006 – This is a Business Blogging Conference on Caribbean Seas. You can refer conference registerants and make extra money.
  2. Use Alternate Ads – Why display non paying Adsense / Chitika ads. Monetize Non Paying PSA Advertising with paid alternate ads.
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk – Earn with Human Intelligence Tasks. Complete simple tasks that people do better than computers and get paid for it.
  4. BlogCharm – Get Paid to Blog – Introducing a whole new way for bloggers to enjoy building a blog and get paid doing it. In Beta.
  5. Mozilla Security Bug Bounty Program – designed to encourage security research in Mozilla software and to reward those who help us create the safest Internet clients in existence. Find Mozilla Bugs to Make Money.

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