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Which are the best weblogs? Well there is no particular way to find out but to visit the Hot blogs on the main page. Best Blog on WordPress is an attempt to search for and categorize Blogs on that are worthy of taking a look.

It gains credit from the fact that it is featured on the main page of as “More of the best blogs on” Remember they are not related to and it is not an official list and I found some good blogs there. Rules for addition are simple that the not already listed in as the top or fastest growing blog at point of inclusion, is not publishing spam content or in testing phase and must contain at least 10 articles. They also promise to delete dead blogs and those that turn évil’.

You too can get your blog noticed and suggested for inclusion. Or you can apply to become part of the editorial team too. It is a good idea for popular blogging communities like WordPress to project their best blogs via an official list like Blogs of Note Blog by the Blogger Team which highlights some good blogger blogs.

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