Big List of April Fool Jokes, Hoaxes and Pranks

So what April Fools jokes and pranks are websites playing on their visitors? Of course you can search around the web or get April Fooled yourself by believing that awkward news on April the First.

Wikipedia has compiled an amazing collection of April Fool Jokes, Hoaxes and Pranks for April 1, 2006. And if you scroll to the links below, it seems they have been collecting April fool days hoaxes since 2000. And since you can edit the Wikipedia, you can add any more April Fool jokes you know of.

Have a site to add that pulled a prank on 2006-04-01? Urgo’s 2006 list of April Fool’s Jokes on Websites besides showing you a collection of April Fool’s Jokes on Websites, lets you add a April Fools prank you know of. And they have been collecting such pranks since 2004.

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