Forget Passwords : Login with Fingerprint Readers

If stay online most of your life, probably you have a long list of secure passwords that you need to remember. Many password protection software are available, as are many tools to store passwords and insert them with one click. But what can be more unique and stronger than any password – your fingerprint.

Fingerprint Reader Technology has made it possible to login with your own unique fingerprints. Stand alone Fingerprint Readers can let you log on to your PC and your favorite Web sites with the touch of your finger. Now even computer mouse and keyboards like the Microsoft Intellimouse and Optical keyboard come equipped with integrated Fingerprint Readers to let you use your finger as a password.

Usually such tools have a one time Registration Wizard that helps you register your fingerprints easily and then when you visit a site that requires a password, just touch the Fingerprint Reader with a registered finger.

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However remember that not all technologies are fool proof. If you have some very secret data, important private information, a strong password may work as well and for free.

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