Free Vouchers for New Google Adwords Advertisers

What is the source of Google Adsense Ads? Google Adwords of course. And what better way to start a google adwords account that with free advertising vouchers.

Digital Inspiration points to these free Google Adwords vouchers which have been launched in India for Rs 1000.

To attract small and medium scale companies to their Adwords program, Google is giving a free Rs 1000 voucher to any new Adwords customers in India.

Though it’s the first time that Google Adwords launched Free voucher codes in India, the company has regularly been offering free vouchers in in other countries

Get the Rs 1000 Free Adwords voucher. A new Google Adwords Advertiser can activate their AdWords account with just US$5.00, and can then choose a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) from US$0.01 – US$100. Daily budgets start as low as 1 cent up to whatever limit the advertiser is comfortable spending. Site-targeted ads require a minimum CPM (cost per thousand impressions) price of US$0.25, or the local currency rate, per 1000 impressions.