Free Vouchers for New Google Adwords Advertisers

What is the source of Google Adsense Ads? Google Adwords of course. And what better way to start a google adwords account that with free advertising vouchers.

Digital Inspiration points to these free Google Adwords vouchers which have been launched in India for Rs 1000.

To attract small and medium scale companies to their Adwords program, Google is giving a free Rs 1000 voucher to any new Adwords customers in India.

Though it’s the first time that Google Adwords launched Free voucher codes in India, the company has regularly been offering free vouchers in in other countries

Get the Rs 1000 Free Adwords voucher. A new Google Adwords Advertiser can activate their AdWords account with just US$5.00, and can then choose a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) from US$0.01 – US$100. Daily budgets start as low as 1 cent up to whatever limit the advertiser is comfortable spending. Site-targeted ads require a minimum CPM (cost per thousand impressions) price of US$0.25, or the local currency rate, per 1000 impressions.

22 comments on “Free Vouchers for New Google Adwords Advertisers

  1. Joshua says:

    Any links to US adword promo codes?

  2. Lukas says:

    Thank you for the good tip

  3. Markus says:

    Super tip thank you very much

  4. Sonja says:

    Thank you for the article I will try it out

  5. James says:

    Google stoped this free Google Adwords vouchers. Not sure whether they will start it again.

  6. Andre says:

    Hope they will sart again soon, thanks so long

  7. Jelly belly says:

    What aload of rubbish! Have followed your advice and gone round and round in circles for hours! Doesn’t appear to be any adwords vouchers anywhere!

  8. Karin says:

    Hope they will return soon thanks

  9. Andre says:

    I will try to get the voucher again thank you

  10. Link did not work.. any new link… Any US link..


  11. gadz says:

    I found this site offering $50 free credit upon signup but i’m not sure if this is working. has anyone tried this?

  12. Tracy says:

    I did sign up for Google promotions on 3-4 sites including one for france 3 weeks ago.. No coupon yet…


  13. cally mc go go says:

    if you register at the forums at you get a $145 promo code

  14. Steven says:

    Nah, Re-uploaded dont offer that anymore.

  15. jocuri says:

    to bad that is not working, i cant find a good one :(

  16. free vouchers says:

    Hello ! I am providing to the comunity NEW vouchers codes of $70
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    Voucher #9: 9NNE-X6A3-DLKY-5LZT-V8

    Voucher #10: 9NNE-ZYKK-7D7F-RPR6-GG

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    Voucher #16: 4GB5-3PF3-3YWZ-83U9-G

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    Thank you.

  17. bhavesh says:

    i am interted in free vovcher promotion code for new google adword

  18. Ashish Jha says:

    Na not working, need few bunch of new adwords vouchers

  19. analogstuff says:

    Easiest way to receive google adwords account is just create an google analytics account you will soon get a google adwords coupon worth 2500Rs (Indian Currency)

  20. House Share says:

    good info thanks guys!

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