iPod Updater: Download Latest iPod Software for All Models

Apple provides a convinient way to upgrade and update the software for your Apple ipod. You juts need to get the iPod Updater.

Download the iPod Updater from Apple website, and it gives you the latest iPod software for every model of iPod for Mac and Windows.

What’s new in iPod Updater 2006-03-23: Volume limit control and several Bug fixes. Also get an Apple ID, that gives you easy access to Apple Downloads, Support, iTunes Music Store, the Apple Store etc.

Why is this download important? Apple introduced this software update for iPod that lets parents set maximum volume limits on the device, as concerns grow that loud music played through earphones might risk hearing loss. The new update for iPod nano and Fifth Generation iPod provides an easy way for you to set a maximum volume limit to prevent the volume from exceeding a certain level. You can also assign a combination to prevent the setting from being changed which is ideal for parental control.


  1. rakesh says:

    its really good

  2. joe says:

    when i connect my ipod to my computer, it says, “ok to disconnect”, and says, “disk mode” and the top, but never comes up on my computer. when i reset it it shows the apple logo for a while and then an exclamation point sign next to a folder. then it just switches back and forth between those two. what does this mean? i’ve been to the apple store, they’re clueless, but they didnt really try. and i cant find anything online that helps. does anyone know whats going on?

  3. vitalik says:

    its realy good that this update exists !

  4. lance says:

    my classic(video) ipod cannot watch movies which are over 5 minutes!!
    can someone tell me why?

  5. alex ramirez says:

    ok for the first guy your ipod has the option of going in Disk mode wish makes it just like a hard drive one way you could fix it is to format your ipod just right click on the ipod wen its connected to your computer go to my computer and there u will find the ipod in disk mode. hope that helps.

  6. alex ramirez says:

    hey lance its problably ur video converter that limists how long the videos play on your ipod. unless u got some way firmware or somthign.

  7. Brianne says:

    my 3G nano isn’t recognized on my computer anymore, it worked then an hour later it didn’t. when i plug it in it only recognized as a mass storage device. i was told to update it but i cant update it unless it is found in itunes–which it isnt. any ideas? i’d really like my ipod to work

  8. David Black says:

    When I plug my iPod Touch into iTunes, it often tells me that there is a software update for my iPod. he dialogue box asks me if I want to “Download and Install” – “Download Only” – “Cancel”

    I have tried four (4) times to Download and Install, only to have the dialogue box promptly disappear and following that, I hear nothing; zip; zero; zilch; nada in the next couple of hours (however, I did once receive a message that there was a ‘problem’ downloading the update).

    Should I have asked for the “Download Only” or is there some other trick that I might use?

    Oh! I tried to find the download on the iPod Updater page, to no avail.

    Would you like to help me in this regard, please. (Or should I expect to be ignored???)

    Thank you for your efforts. I like my iPod – if I could just get it to work intuitively and transparently, I would be a happy customer.

    David BLack

  9. musicalsoul says:

    when i connect my ipod nano to my computer it only works on windows media player and not on i tunes.
    why is it so? is it chinese?

  10. Raghavendiran says:

    Hello..! I want a ipod upgrade software for my ipod

  11. shoaib says:

    i wants a software to your company for my ipod download please

  12. Rizky says:

    Hi, when i connect my ipod to the laptop, it says that the itunes can’t read its content so i have to restore the ipod online. automatically it also updates the 1.1.2 software for the ipod. but after it finishes, nothing happens…it looks like that there’s an error…What should i do?Can i update the software without using itunes?

  13. kelly says:

    I am trying to download the latest software version and I clicked on buy the software.
    Then when I try to download i get the error message:
    There was a problem downloading the ipod software for ipod. I can’t get the update….. Any help???

  14. adam says:

    when i connect my ipod to my computer a message saying device not recognized pops up so i go onto my ipod updater and that tells me ‘invalid ipod service version.’ HELP ME!

  15. Rozer says:

    when i switch my ipod botton
    the ipod has been hang what i will do

  16. basudev dolai says:

    i want this software

  17. sachin says:

    i have digitalline Mp3/mp4 player , when i switch on its displaying loading symbol…what is the solution …

  18. joseline vizcarra says:

    when i connect my ipod it says that they have found an ipod that is connected but that i have to download a software but i can not seem to find a software to download.can somebody help me please!!!!!!!

  19. Base 2 says:

    i have an ipod 30GB,i can restore it, want i try restoring it, its says there is an unknown error (1415). am using xp and i tunes

  20. B I says:

    guys i have ipod touch vrs 2.0 i try updating it and now it can see itunes again and it asking me to restore and update at the same time. have try downloading it i can’t and help on that, actually it my frist time on this plllllllllllllllllllllesae i need help and advice

  21. bdrao says:

    my ipod is not reading in computor,icould not play or load new songs how to slove this prob?

  22. Ashmeaow says:

    my ipod is completely fine..but the problem is that when i try to open the ‘MUSIC’ folder…it gets stuck..i cant even put new music in my ipod..which sucks
    HELP ME!!

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