ROR Structured Feeds Concept : New XML Format

Ever heard of ROR? ROR (Resources of a Resource) is a rapidly growing independant XML format that claims to help search engine can better understand your content.

ROR promotes the concept of structured feeds (which is related to the concept of structured blogging) enabling search engines to complement text search with structured information to better understand meaning. ROR information is typically stored in a ROR feed called ror.xml placed in your website’s main directory. Unlike Google Base, ROR feeds can be easily accessed by all search engines: at

I stumbled across this ROR format, when I visited focusLook – a product and blog search engine that spiders web pages, feeds and ROR files. They provide a ROR Generator to create a ROR file that enables you to provide more information about your website (contact, logo, products, text, images, etc) so it can be better understood by search engines and other web applications.

More tools? The ROR Feed Generator makes it very easy to generate a ROR feed for your website with any type of object you want in it. And there are dedicated search engines too. RORSeek is a new type of search engine which only displays results from ROR files which it has indexed. Now many sites offer ROR Submission and helps you get more targetted search engine traffic.

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