Share Links with Slashdot Bookmarks

Social bookmarking concept seems to have caught on with the premier technology portal Slashdot too. You can now share your links with the Slashdot community…

Slashdot Bookmarks give you a quick place to save URLs for later, to share them with the Slashdot Community, and to submit them to the Slashdot Editors for consideration for posting.

Your Slashdot bookmarks are public and you can tag your bookmarks to aid you in finding them later. Slashdot bookmarks can be used to write Slashdot Journal Entries which can now be automatically submitted to Slashdot editors for mainpage post consideration. You need a Slashdot account to get posting your own links.

2 comments on “Share Links with Slashdot Bookmarks

  1. John Samuel says:

    Slashdot seems to work for me. All the sites and bookmarks submitted are public and I think it’s great way to share links. One of the feature I liked in slashdot was, they notify whenever somone comment about link.

  2. zabazoo says:

    This no longer works as Slashdot is no longer allowing bookmarks

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