When Will You Get the Upgraded Yahoo Mail Beta?

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You heard about all the new Yahoo Mail Beta features buzzing around for some time. Your friend boasts of his new Yahoo mail features, while you wonder when your Yahoo mail will upgrade.

Firstly you need to get on the waiting list, and now they are “letting folks into the Beta much faster now – by the tens of thousands each week – so new sign ups won’t have long to wait!”

And how do they decide which people get upgraded to the new Yahoo mail beta?

“Your email is stored on a server, and a collection of servers is called a “farm” – which is what the “f” stands for. And farms have numbers. “f348” means your account is on farm 348. Now, f348 is a great farm! They’re all great farms. But we regularly move accounts from farm to farm to balance the load on our servers. So there’s no guarantee your account will be on any specific farm for any amount of time.

When we’ve got a new version of the Beta ready, we release it to just a few farms at first, and if your account happens to be on one of those “first” farms at that time, you’ll be among the first to enjoy the new version. If all goes well with the release to those few farms, we roll it out to the rest.”

Maybe you are just not on the lucky server gifting thsoe upgrades. Have patience! Till then you can try the firefox extension supported ajax powered yahoo mail.

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