XTHost Offers Free Webhosting Instantly

I came across a website hosted on XT Host which offers free instant webhosting. They offer 30MB webspace for storage (reasonable for a small website), with browser and ftp upload (very nice). If you are looking for no ads, then XT host has ad free webhosting. No registration required, besides a username and passwords and you get a free webhosting site on a short domain: xthost.info/username.

xt hosting

A quick look at the FAQ says that PHP, CGI files are not supported. A Browser upload maximum file size limit is 10MB. The terms of service says “inactive sites will be deleted with less than 1 hit/week” (so you better keep bringing in traffic, or least check back yourself every week) and the rest seems usual stuff like host only legal stuff, no mp3’s, and you are responsible for your content and they can delete you account whenever they want. Try it if it suits your needs.

I am very happy with my webhosting, and it lets you host unlimited domain names on one account (buy webhosting once for all your websites), unlimited subdomains, unlimited MYSQL (create as many wordpress blogs you like), once click installs, over 1 terabyte monthly bandwidth and more…

We all look out for free webhosting deals and offers. Of course there is nothing better than to buy your own domain name and get paid webhosting if you seriously want to develop and promote a professional website.

Update: XT Host will close its service in April 2013 and all data will be deleted.

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