Calling Bloggers to Test Adobe Pre-release Software

Here is another opportunity for bloggers to make some extra money, if you live around San francisco, by testing some Adobe software

A craiglist post says

“Adobe User Research is inviting bloggers to spend about an hour at our offices in San Francisco trying out pre-release software. Interested? We know your time is valuable, so we will show our gratitude for your participation with $75 in American Express gift certificates.”

The event will be held on Tuesday, May 23rd. Fill in and email the questionnaire if you are interested. Found via Deeje Cooley @ Adobe

2 comments on “Calling Bloggers to Test Adobe Pre-release Software

  1. Thilak Rao says:

    Its not only for people around san fransico, but its for everyone with a blog and testing skills

  2. Teli Adlam says:

    This certainly sounds like it to end up becoming a fun project for anyone with some time to spare.

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