DigForIt Metasearch Engine for Sale on Ebay

Metasearch technology is used for simultaneous gathering of search results from several different resources. DigForIt.com is another Metasearch Engine that is on sale at an auction at Ebay.

Read more about its cool features and how it works –

DigForIt.com allows you to see each search engine’s results in a simultaneous rankings. Further refining your ability to find the information you need, DigForIt.com allows you to individualize the results per engine, establish overlap, and determine search results that are unique to Google, Yahoo! Search, or MSN.

DigForIt.com also using instant search technology that takes the waiting out of searching the web. It is an AJAX-style web application that retrieves web results and suggestions as-you-type. Begin typing in search results and automatically you will receive suggestions based on the letters you have entered.

If you recall earlier, jux2 was another meta search engine that was auctioned for sale on ebay. And it sold for a huge amount too. I am thankful to Eric Willis who emailed about the sale of his DigForIt metasearch engine. The auction is already upto $15000 and still over 6 days to go! What are you selling on Ebay?

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