Employment and Jobs for Bloggers

If you are talented blogger, getting hired by a professional blog can help you showcase your blogging skill and get paid for it. Blogging Networks are always on the lookout for skilled professional bloggers and offer good jobs and employment for bloggers.

I usually point to BloggerJobs.biz when some friendly blogger asks for a blogging job opputunity. They regularly post job opennings in the blogosphere when they develop.

When I looked around for blogging job profile requirements, usually they look for a motivated writer who can research and write topical and special interest articles, be proud to be part of a great blogging team, get some fame and earn lots of money while doing what you enjoy. While some demand multiple daily posts which cover breaking news, crossposting and review of new services, others may demand fewer posts per week with solid original content. Expertise and writing skills are given a lot of credit and many ask for some test posts to show your talent.

So how much can you earn as a professional blogger? Blogging contracts have been protected for long, but when the Weblogs Inc., food blog Slashfood contract became public, then 9 rules decided to make their blogging contract public too. That can give you some insight into what goes on with the paperwork.

Running your own blog gives you freedom, but getting a blogging job gives you assured income for what you love to do. Carefully read the contracts before signing the dotted line…