Google Googly Cricket Advertising Package

Google is providing a advertising package for promoting your brand during the ‘India West Indies series 2006’ with Googly Cricket Package, their comprehensive cricket advertising solution.

Digital Inspiration points to this tip.

“With India-West Indies Series 2006 round the corner, Google is trying new ways to cash in on the cricket fever that has already gripped India.

The Adwords India team has created a special Googly Cricket Ads package targeting Cricket websites and search keywords related to the game. However, he Googly isn’t for small advertisers – the cricket ads package starts at a whooping Rs 1 lakh.”

Indians are big fans of Cricket and cricketers and creating special advertising packages is a good idea to attract big advertisers who seriously want to promote their cricket products and cricket services to a targeted cricket fans and a dedicated sports audience. Get more Googly Package Info.